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I was looking on how to share files between my OSX and Linux systems, with this in mind, I've formatted the file system to HFS+, disabled journaling in OSX, and finally dumped all my files as "Storage"(label of the drive).

This worked fine, however, in linux, I apparently still couldn't write to the file system, it said "Can't write, not owner", the properties window showed onwer #99. After a little digging up I've found that this indeed is the uid OSX uses to easy share of drives between different file systems. But still linux couldn't write to it.

So I've thought "hey, let me chmod this to a free for all permissions" big mistake, I've made chmod -R 777 /pathto/volume, this made all subfolders un-accessible. Now I'm trying to connect the drive again in OSX and somehow "fix" the drive, if thats possible, but the drive isn't even showing up in disk utility when I connect it.

How can I proceed here? How can I fix permissions in Linux or OSX. And after that whats the best way to share between the two? I mean, can't I use uid #99 in linux??

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