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Im having this problem and don't know what to try. I have: BrazilFW->Dlink dir-300->Linksys WRT54G2->Linksys WRT54G. All with the last firmware versions

this configuration: BrazilFW WAN: Internet LAN: Dlink dir-300 WAN: LAN: Linksys WRT54G2 WAN: LAN: Linksys WRT54G WAN (not connected to wan port, working as AP):

Between each router (not the last one, that works as AP) there is a LAN that doesn't have to communicate with the other LANs.

I opened ports that I forward to get from internet to each router. Dlink port 8080 WRT54G2: 8082 WRT54G: 8085

I can get into the configuration of the Dlink and the WRT54G2, I can't connect to the last router (it has enabled the wan access and selected the 8085 port, I have connection from the LAN side thought team viewer on one of the PCs connected to that router, I can ping the router IP from the previous router diagnostic page.). Any idea of what can be happening?

I also try to forward Dlink port 80 so: Internet_Ip:8085 BrazilFW 8085->8085 Dlink 8085->80 WRT54G 80->80, cant get either. Any idea of what can I be forgetting? Thanks!

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