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we have to domains registered on one server, with only one domain able to be certified. As we need ssl for trasmitting formular-data on the other domain, we came to the conclusion to use the other domain for transaction. Here is our setting:

domainabc.tld (ssl) links to the folder (/html/)abc/ on the server domainxyz.tld links to the folder (/html/)xyz/ on the server

domainabc.tld/xyz/ should redirect to (/html/)xyz/

We tried to do it with 301 Redirect

RedirectMatch 301 /xyz/(.*) ../../xyz/$1

as well as

RedirectMatch 301 /xyz/(.*) ../xyz/$1

but ended in 500 internal server error both ways. Any idea how to manage the problem?

Where are the index files for the two domains located? If you go to domainabc.tld/index.php for example, in which folder is the php located? Same for domainxyz as well. –  Ravi Thapliyal Aug 16 '13 at 11:51
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