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I have Windows 8 installed on one harddrive and have a secondary harddrive installed in my system. The System partition is secured via TrueCrypt with Pre-Boot-Authentication. I would like to secure my secondary harddrive as well, but for convenience not be asked for a password.

So far, I have tried the official approach from the documentation:

  1. Enable caching of pre-boot-password
  2. setting the same password for the secondary harddrive encryption
  3. adding the secondary partition in the system favorites and enabling the "automount when windows starts" option

This method still asks for a password each time I boot and logon into windows. I've also tried a different method of encrypting the secondary harddrive with a random keyfile located in the system partition and adding this keyfile to the keyfile list for automounting (since the keyfile is protected in the system partition, the thread models are acceptable for me). This still results in truecrypt asking me for a password during logon.

Windows 8 currently does not appear in the list of supported operating systems, so there might be something broken. Did anyone successfully get an automount without having to enter the password under windows 8?

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What I have tried is removing the password from the encrypted volume and only leaving the keyfile. You can then set the volume as a favorite and check "Mount selected volume upon logon". What I haven't been able to do is get it to mount on startup. I've tried adding a scheduled task that triggers on startup and runs as SYSTEM user, but no luck. –  Marc05 Sep 4 '13 at 5:29
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