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I can't use Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V in Word 2010 on Windows 8.

Whenever I do, nothing happens. What do I do to fix this?

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The shortcuts for cut, copy and paste are disabled in your Word. To enable the shortcuts again, do this:

  1. In Word 2010, press File » Options.
  2. Open the Customize Ribbon tab.
  3. Press the Keyboard shortcuts » Customize button at the bottom of the left-hand list
  4. Select Category All Commands
  5. Choose respective commands, for example copy text
  6. Under the section New shortcut key enter your desired key (e.g. Ctrl + C)
  7. Save and close the document
  8. Restart Word and all of your created shortcuts will work
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I have been struggling against this issue for a long time. For me the problem was that something was wrong with languages in Win 8.1

Try to go to Language Preferences, remove English language from the list and after that add it again. This worked for me.

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