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I'm at the end of my teather here.

I have a Thinkpad X220 (last year's model) which boots with EFI, and I'm trying to install Chromium OS on it. Hexxeh's Vanilla usb image boots from USB fine, and EVERYTHING works, even suspend.

I follow the instructions to install it to disk via the chrosh command "install", everything goes ok. I reboot and am faced with the grub 1.97 sh.grub> prompt. all the text is orange rather than white, if it matters.

Typing ls yields just (hd0), no partitions (even though gparted says there are all 12).

No messing around with grub works, because it doesn't recognise any partitions, just the one disk, hd0.

The same USB image succsessfully installs chromiumos on an old non-efi laptop I have lying around. I can only assume it is grub 1.97 not supporting efi?

I would really like to know what's up, thanks in advance!

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