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I tried the answer

sudo chmod go-w

in my /Volumes/BOOTCAMP but I'm still getting the warning

It says

Insecure world writable dir /Volumes/BOOTCAMP in PATH, mode 040777

And when I echo $PATH

I get this:


When I open my .zshrc file I don’t see /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/opt/nuodb. I’ve deleted it, any ideas?

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Am I not wording this correctly or is there no answer? –  pixel 67 Sep 7 '13 at 1:13

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Try running this command:

sudo chmod 775 /Volumes/BOOTCAMP

As well as the one you did previously:

sudo chmod go-w /Volumes/BOOTCAMP

You might need to add the -R (recursive) flag to those commands to ensure all child files and directories beyond /Volumes/BOOTCAMP are affected as well. But I don’t feel comfortable recommending you do that right away since I am not familiar with this error in the context of Bootcamp’s needs and setup.

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The issue has been resolved, it had something to do with a NoSQL database I installed. Once I removed the DB the issue went away –  pixel 67 Aug 24 at 11:34

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