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I have an external USB hard drive (about two months now) to which I assigned drive letter T:. However, each time I start up my PC, the drive is shown as local drive (K:) and I'm missing my data. When I disconnect the USB and re-connect it, the drive is shown correctly again.

Can I fix this behavior?


  • Hard drive: Toshiba STOR.E Canvio 3TB
  • OS: Windows 7 x64


  • I tried using different USB ports, all have same behavior.
  • The drive has been formatted multiple times (file system NTFS).
  • I checked the hard disk in the disk management tool of Windows (after re-connecting the USB) and that shows that the drive has one partition.
  • I cannot check how the hard drive behaves with other PC's, because I don't have another PC with Windows 7 (only Windows 8).
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