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After enabling the "Developer options" in the Settings of a Samsung Galaxy GT-I8190N, and connecting it to the PC via the USB cable I was able to backup its files using the file explorer from Windows XP Professionnal.

I'm trying doing the same in DOS, in order to preserve timestamps.

I plan using this DOS command: XCOPY source destination /H /R /K /O

However, the phone is not listed together with a drive letter, but as "Computer" (Poste de travail) and I cannot figure out how to navigate to it with DOS commands.

Using the "Computer management" tools, I could see that the smartphone is not listed as a drive but as a "Portable device".

Any way to access such device in DOS ?

(I encounter similar problem to access the files using Linux. fdisk doesn't list the phone sd card as a drive, but the phone is listed by lsusb.)

Thanks for your help.

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