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A few weeks back I picked up a router from someone who was cleaning out their attic: a Thomson TG789ivn. It was brand new in the box and never used, and it was better than what I have at the moment, so I tried setting it up. plugging it in, it booted up fine, the wifi showed up in my networks, and I could log in using the codes on the sticker on the back. I couldn't get an internet connection however, so I figured I'd take a look into the settings screen. Ran ipconfig, got the default gateway ( and tried to go there, but I got a connection timeout. Tried it a few more times, but no success. I googled around for a few other common gateways for this model, but none of them worked. The strange thing is that a function of the router that hosts the default gateway at a mock web address http://dsldevice.lan did redirect me to the correct gateway, so it does pick up on that. Again, though, connection timed out. Pinging works fine and I get perfect returns, but still no dice, connection timeout whenever I attempt to log in. Across multiple browsers on every system I have on the network, connection timeout.

I'm at a complete and utter loss, about to conclude it is simply broken and throw it out. Does anyone have a clue as to what's going on here?

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