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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and a Samsung ARM Chromebook. I have pictures on my phone that I would like to be able to transfer to my Chromebook without use of the cloud. Is there a tool or app I could use to accomplish this?

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AirDroid. Transfer files over Wifi instead of bluetooth, much, much faster.

If you don't have a wireless network available, then turn your SGS3 into a hotspot (may want to disable data) and have your Chromebook connect to the phone's Access Point (AP).

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One option would be a Bluetooth File Transfer app.

As alternative, you could try an Android FTP Server app which would work via a network connection.

Once you have an SFTP Server running on your phone, you can use the FTP protocol to download your pictures.

The format of the URL to be entered in your Chromebook browser:


Make sure that you don't run this FTP server too long or too ofter as FTP tends to be a popular security hole. More secure would be SFTP.

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Give drop-box or Google drive a try. You can upload the photos to either service from your galaxy and access from your Chromebook via drop-box/drive webpage.

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