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I have a "PC" computer and i want to make apps for my iPod touch but apple wont make it compatible with windows. I was searching the web for how to run a mac program on a "PC" and I came across this " virtualbox.org" its basically a virtual mac. but this is my family's "PC" I was wondering if any has tried it?

if so how much space does it take up (CPU,RAM), is it any good, is there a virus or not on it, AND most of all will it act like just like another program, I DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH THE BOOT MENU, will it work for developing apps

Thanks :)

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Virtual Box is a virtual machine environment that uses files as virtual disks. You can create a virtual disk and load an operating system on it just as if it were a whole new computer. The display is another window running on your system.

You can have several different virtual machines running different operating systems with one major caveat.

You can only host Apple MacIntosh OS virtual machines on Mac hardware. Apple demanded that Oracle not allow Mac OS to run on any other machine than their own hardware. So while you could have a couple Mac VMs on your Mac system in addition to Windows, Linux, etc., you cannot have a Mac VM running on a Windows or Linux host.

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The "virtual box" only uses CPU & RAM when it is active. It will use as much CPU & RAM as the virtualized OS requires. Figure, 1gb-2gb of RAM depending what your doing. It does act like a normal program and does not change your PC's boot menu. A .vhd file will be created that has the entire virtual hard drive inside. It will work fine for developing non-hardware specific apps.

"Virtual Box" will also allow you to install almost and version of Windows or Linux. I have not tested it with MAC, but I have tested Windows and Linux and they work just fine.

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Virtual box is great, however you can not use it to develop iOS apps on your PC.

The license agreement included in OSX only permits installation on Apple hardware.

This page will answer all your questions about Virtual Box

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