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Relevant Specs:
OS: Win7 Home Premium
Machine: Acer Aspire 6676-7739g w/RAM upgraded to 8GB

I purchased a few months ago a Kinivo BTD-300 Bluetooth 3.0 USB dongle, and thus far have had very little issue with it. Today however, the thing didn't want to connect to my Bluetooth headset like it's been doing ever since I bought it, so I removed the headset from Bluetooth devices intending to re-pair it. However, the system wouldn't find the headset, despite being right next to each other and both devices being discoverable. In my very-pissed-off-from-something-else state, I've no idea why I thought uninstalling the dongle would be a good idea, but I did, and now when I try reinstalling, the system DOES NOT recognize the dongle, and the Kinivo support site DOES NOT offer the files in the mini-CD that comes with the device.

The "fun" part is that for reasons unrelated to this question, I no longer have the box/blister where the device came when I bought it, which had the disc with the drivers inside.

The Question:
Does anybody here happen to have the same BT dongle that can facilitate me a copy of the files in the included CD for this device via ISO or some other way? I realize this is partly my own fault for not backing up the drivers from the included disc, but considering that I had saved the box with all its contents, even the instruction manual until my work room got "cleaned up" by the maid, I did not even come close to suspecting I'd EVER lose that box. Now I'm stuck with a completely useless dongle that Win7 won't install, and despite my extensive Google-fu, these drivers apparently don't exist ANYWHERE on the internet.

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