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Is it possible to pass arbitrary video stream to or from Skype? For example, can VLC Player simulate video source or sink?

Specifically, I would like to show my daughter some augmented reality objects, generated by AR-media.

I would like universal solution.

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You need something that Skype recognises as a webcam, which I don't think is possible with VLC.

There's a freeware program called SplitCam which will let you stream a variety of sources to Skype.

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You don't mention your OS, so I'm assuming Windows. You can use ManyCam and select a video file to use as webcam source on Skype (or any other software). I have used it in the past and it works fine.

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screen sharing built in to Skype is a good and easy way to do it.

steps:(while call in progress) the blue camera button below the video.

2.choose,Share your screen (Share selection).

3.Resize the red selection box over your video, start screen sharing.

this would do the task for you.

for linux:


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