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Good day.

Yes, I know there should usually be FN + <*> but on my Envy 17 3D there is no such combination.

  1. I tried FN + everything, it does not change anything.
  2. Tried to look in bios, no luck there too.
  3. Tried to find something like that in the registry - couldn't find anytghing.
  4. Googled for two hours - nothing.

So... is there a way after all to enable numlock? It was ON before, but now for some reason it isn't working... and instead of num keys I get directional keys and stuff like end, home, etc.

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If you have Windows, you could try it's virtual keyboard. If you could tell your OS it would go a long way. –  Doktoro Reichard Aug 19 '13 at 13:18
@DoktoroReichard man! you are my savior :) I didn't think of using the virtual keyboard. You really saved me here. Thanks! If you make a proper answer I will select it. –  NewProger Aug 19 '13 at 13:20

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As I referred on a comment, most Windows OS since XP have an option called Virtual Keyboard that emulates a keyboard on the main display. It is used mostly for people that can't use a keyboard or that by some chance can't use one. You can from that select Num Lock.

Besides this, check this question, as it might give you a permanent solution.

On Windows XP, you can access it through Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Accessibility >> On-Screen Keyboard or through Windows Key + U (source)

On Windows Vista and apparently Windows 8, you can access it through Start >> Control Panel >> Ease of Access >> On-Screen Keyboard (source)(Windows 8 source). Otherwise, you can access it through the previous method, with the difference being that Accessibility = Ease of Access (source)

Both Windows XP and Windows Vista have the same virtual keyboard. The Num Lock is represented by the nlk button.

Windows Vista On-Screen Keyboard

Windows 7 has a different style. I believe that Num Lock is hidden in the Options button.

Windows 7 On-Screen Keyboard

Windows 8 has, besides the On-Screen Keyboard, a new plethora of touch-based interfaces. In the Options dialog, you can check the box to "Turn on numeric key pad." This provides a NumLock button on the on-screen keyboard.

Windows 8 On-Screen Keyboard

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Thank you again :) –  NewProger Aug 19 '13 at 13:54

On Ubuntu you can start the Onboard Keyboard there you click on the Numberpad-Button 123 where you have a NumLock

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