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Having some trouble imaging my machines. They are Virtual Machines, using Virtual Box.


I can access the shared folder which is located on Machine 1 at \\data. Via Machine 2.

I have 2 machines. Machine 1 has a static IP of and Machine 2 has a static IP of

I have booted up Machine 2 into CloneZilla DRBL. These are the choices in order that I get and select:

  1. Device-image
  2. samba_server
  3. (It then chooses some Network setting which Is too quick to see).
  4. Mount Samba Server.

With the tutorial I am following: http://youtu.be/aZQVMXFFvVE At 15:55 he is offered extra options which I believe I need (The Network Config Option).

If I continue:

Mount Samba Server: Domain: (Blank) Account: Windows7-1 Directory: /data Password: password

at this point it looks like this:


I then get the error: mount error(115): Operation in progress

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