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I have an old bar code reader that is sending some control codes before and maybe after it reads the bar code.

I need a way to capture these codes so I can duplicate them on a new reader. The current unit is so old I have no info on it or a way to get the config.

The control box is connected via RS-232 to the computer. manual for the reader.

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If you provide the model of the reader, it could help us...

In general, old bar code simulates a keybord, and some even were attached in the keyboard PS/2 connector.

If that's your case, you can read those codes using any keyboard code reader software.

If you know something about javascript, take a look at this site

If you just want a software to do that, you can download some from here

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updated my post. – willrun4fun Aug 19 '13 at 17:32

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