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I am running ubuntu and if I use a solid color background and do not have a window being actively drawn in the viewport on my monitor 3 which is connected via hdmi to an AMD HD68xx card it goes blank. Even moving the mouse into the field does not wake it. If I move a window box such as a nautilus screen it displays it right away.

All three monitors are connected to one card using display port, dvi and hdmi. This issue does not happen with lubuntu or xubuntu, only with gnome and unity.

I have conky running on that monitor, and my dashbar but those are not enough to keep the screen active. As long as an application is having a window drawn in that viewport it works fine. But nearly instantly when you remove it then it almost seems to turn off the display. Power is still present, and AMDCCC still sees it active. It is very odd.

I did not see anywhere in the AMDCCC software to set a power option.

Anyone odd thing, and I do not think related is that on every boot the overscan setting does not hold. The AMDCCC software says it is at full overscan so I can use the entire area of my 24" ASUS monitor, but there is a display border. I just reset the overscan and it fixes this, but I have to do it on every boot. this happens in every distro that I have tried this this setup.

Any advice on what to try would be great. Trying to make the 100% switch from OSX and Windows to linux finally and this is just a bugger to figure out.


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