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What is the cache used for in android? Will clearing it cause loss of data?enter image description here

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It's up to the app developer on how they want app data to be stored. Cache is just a non-persistent storage option that the android os is given permission to delete without prompting the user if it needs to

extract from android dev pages

Saving cache files

If you'd like to cache some data, rather than store it persistently, you should use getCacheDir() to open aFile that represents the internal directory where your application should save temporary cache files.

When the device is low on internal storage space, Android may delete these cache files to recover space. However, you should not rely on the system to clean up these files for you. You should always maintain the cache files yourself and stay within a reasonable limit of space consumed, such as 1MB. When the user uninstalls your application, these files are removed.



I'm not an android developer I was curious about your question and this is the best answer I could find in my research

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