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I know I can use kickstart to configure Apple Remote Desktop from the command line, but, I can't find anything on the Internet or in kickstart's help message indicating how I can view the current settings from the command line. Does anyone know where I can get these settings?

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Just check the manual:

man /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/

which reads:

sub Usage1 {
    qq{ kickstart -- Quickly uninstall, install, activate, configure, and/or restart
             components of Apple Remote Desktop without a reboot.

kickstart -uninstall -files -settings -prefs

      -install -package <path>


      -configure -users <user1,user2...>
        -access -on  -off
        -privs  -all -none
                -mask <mask>

                -allUsers [-privs <priv options>]

        -computerinfo -set1 -1 <text>
                      -set2 -2 <text>
                      -set3 -3 <text>
                      -set4 -4 <text>

          -setmenuextra -menuextra  yes
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So... Quickly reading the full output (the above is just a snippet) it seems there's no command to "view the current settings" as asked? – Arjan May 22 '15 at 11:46

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