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I am a newbie to networking, so need some help to understand if what I am doing is right:

I have a VM which hosts a Ubuntu guest OS with an internal IP: I have setup an ssh server on port 5022 (in case the ISP blocks 22). I also have a web server (Apache 2) setup on port 8002 (in case the ISP blocks 80).

My external IP is: I have configured my router to port forward port 8002, and now I am able to acces my web server from an external box. But going by the same pattern, I port forwarded my ssh port as:

source ip:
source netmask:

destination ip:
destination netmask: (I cannot change this)

destination port start: 5022
destination port end: 5022
destination port map: 5022

I am still unable to access my ssh service from an external machine.

What am I missing?

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