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My ISP provider gave me 2 links with 2 different blocks, I have been tasked to setup the following setup.

   |               |
  66.47.x.x/24    65.64.x.x/24
   |               |
|         Linux        |
|                      |
                   Trunk, vlan 10,20
          |                     |
          |    L2 Powerconnect  |
               |             |
 64.47.x.x/25 vlan 10     65.64.x.x/24 vlan 20


  • Machines on vlan 10 and vlan 20 should be able to use IPs provided by ISP

I'm not sure where to start, I came accorss bridging, but not sure how vlans needs to be setup, and how I would trunk the cable from my linux box to L2 switch.

Any suggestions will be appreciated

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