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Is there a way to natively compare files and folders for content, perhaps in command prompt? If not, is there a good program for that?

I've heard of WinMerge, is it any good?

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Natively, you can use the comp or the fc commands.


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FC is what I was looking for – GiH Oct 31 '09 at 2:15

As mentioned before, WinMerge is a good program - as are a handful of other options.

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I recommend Beyond Compare.

  • It can compare directories against each other, regardless whether the directory is local or FTP.
  • It can sync those directories, including subdirectories, with custom include/exclude file patterns.
  • It can compare files against each other. There are free plugins for Office documents, images, you name it.

I know the question has long been answered, but thought this might still be helpful for later readers.

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thanks for that, i was looking for a native way to do it but its great to know this software exists! – GiH Sep 17 '10 at 22:39

SourceGear DiffMerge compares files and folders, and is free to use.

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