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I messed up terminator, I tried to use some commands in the preferences and now it doesn't work anymore, it starts and exits immediately, I tried reinstalling it using synaptic manager, but that didn't work either. I searched didn't find anything.

I still can use xterm.

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The settings for most programs are kept either in "dot folders" in your $HOME directory (for example, $HOME/.libreoffice) or in your $HOME/.config/ directory.

terminator uses the latter approach so any changes you made to your preferences would be saved in $HOME/.config/terminator. Deleting or renaming that folder and then launching terminator again should solve your problems (and also lose any changes you have made, including the ones you may want to keep):

mv $HOME/.config/terminator $HOME/.config/terminator_old
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thanks you sir! – Lynob Aug 20 '13 at 12:37

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