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I set the viewcolumn option in my vifmrc file, but when I pull up vifm only the left pane uses the option setting from my vifmrc file. I have not been able to find out how to get it to apply to both (or all) window panes from the vifmrc. I am trying to avoid setting it manually in the right pane and then using the set vifminfo+=tui option (which I haven't tried so I don't even know if that would work). How do I get the viewcolumn option from my vifmrc file to automatically apply to both window panes? Thanks

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Just prepend windo to your set command in your vifmrc file, like this;

windo set viewcolumns=-{name}..,6{size},11{perms}

viewcolumns option is local to window, that's why one needs to use windo prefix to apply the setting to both windows.

An example of setting viewcolumns for both panes should probably be added to the documentation.

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