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I need to do some recording of voice + video together. This is on Windows 7 using a Dell Vostro 2420 laptop.

When I try to record the video using the mike that comes with my headphones, it works (though the volume is a bit low). But when I try to record the video using the laptop's built-in mike, it does not work - the video does get recorded but no sound of me speaking is heard.

Why is this happening?

Thanks for any help or pointers.

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Recording and playback devices are enumerated in Windows environments, and while Windows SHOULD select the proper device depending on the presence/status of devices, this is not always the case.

If none of the below works, you should ensure that your audio/motherboard drivers are up-to-date and functioning properly before trying again.

Try right-clicking on your volume control and selecting Recording Devices (or alternately bring up your start-menu and typing manage audio devices or change sound card settings in the search box to access your sound settings; go to the Recording tab).

Accessing sound settings from the search box

This panel should display a list of recording interfaces accessible to your system. Select the device that corresponds to your built-in microphone, and select the Set Default button near the bottom-right corner of the window.

Set your recording device as the default.

If you find that this has not alleviated the issue, you may need to adjust your device's properties by selecting it and clicking the Properties button to ensure that the device is not muted or recording at an excessively low level.

Open your devices properties Check your levels

If the device still fails to record properly, you may try selecting the device and clicking Configure, then Set up microphone to step through a Windows wizard in order to configure the device.

Configure your recording device

The pictures and many of the instructions above are from a guide on

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. Will try out what you suggest. – Audiophile Aug 21 '13 at 17:17

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