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I have set-up Synergy with an OSX server and a Ubuntu host. It's working nicely, except that the mouse wheel doesn't work in Linux. I used to xev command to verify that no input at all is registered when operating the mouse wheel.

I have found various bug reports about this problem, dating back from 2009, but no solution.

I also found a few blog posts where source-code patches can be downloaded. But when I tried to build the code I got errors about a missing i386 directory. (I fear that trying to build the project myself will lead to many hours of frustration..)

Does anyone know where I can download a OSX build with the applied patches?

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I found the answer here

Fix for every installation so far -- I see mostly people using linux as the client so in this scenario I'm using Windows 7 as the server and fedora 12 as the client.

On the client:

tail -f /var/log/messages

now scroll as slow as possible and take note of the errors streaming in.


Feb  1 18:32:45 localhost Synergy+ 1.3.4:
2010-02-01T18:32:45 WARNING:
Wheel scroll delta (28) smaller than threshold (120)#012#011CXWindowsScreen.cpp,858

This is pretty self-explanatory. Take note of the delta. For this setup, when I scroll slow, I get 28.

So now run this on the client:

killall synergyc; sleep 1; synergyc --yscroll <lowest delta> <ip of server>

Literal example:

killall synergyc; sleep 1; synergyc --yscroll 28

Make sure to go through any session files or setting you created to include your new yscroll function.

And don't use 0 or 1 (unless your delta is 1). 0 created some odd issues. You want to set yscroll to your lowest possible literal delta. 0 or 1 neither accurate nor efficient.

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+1 Also, (on a Mac host at least), the Scroll Speed system preference allows some adjustment to the scroll delta. – Seth Sep 27 '15 at 16:52

On Mac in terminal I had to go run: cd /Applications/

Then run: killall synergyc && sleep 10 && ./synergyc --yscroll

Example: killall synergyc && sleep 10 && ./synergyc --yscroll 28

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This looks a lot like the two-year-old answer.  What, exactly, are you saying (i.e., what, if anything, are you adding to the existing answer)?  Are you saying that sleep 1 isn't enough?  Are you saying that you need to be in the /Applications/ directory for this to work?  Or are you just saying that you don't have that directory in your PATH, and so just running synergyc from an arbitrary directory doesn't work?  … … … … … …  In any case, showing the ./synergyc --yscroll command without all the required parameters is confusing. – Scott Oct 16 '15 at 16:44
sleep 1 was not enough, also you need to be in the directory for it to work. – wd4ever Oct 21 '15 at 4:02

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