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I have searched high and low for this answer. Everything I have read says to format the field to 'text' and that simply does not work.

Ok, when saving my excel sheet in .csv, it decides to convert my text into dates. I have been trying to figure out how to stop this for hours.

For example:

If I enter 06-3031 into a cell after making the cell format 'text' and save the file, I can open it back up and that text mysteriously changes to Jun-31.

I have even tried using ' before I enter the above text. However in that case, I can save the file and open it back up to only find that cell empty.

I really hope someone has an answer to this crazy issue.


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Just a bit clarification for you: When SAVING .xls to .csv, no changes were made. You can check this by opening the .csv with any text editor. But when OPENING the .csv with Excel, your values are automatically converted to a date. To avoid this, use Data → Get external data → Select all columns with Shift and choose Text to open a .csv. Read more about it. –  nixda Aug 21 '13 at 7:48

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