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I'd like to save multiple (successive) versions of a long letter I'm composing in the message window. The problem (for me) is that pressing the "Save" button can only replace the previously saved composition (of my message). Also auto-save rewrites the draft(s), which seems preventable with an addon.

So my original question is: How could I make a new draft/concept without overwriting a previously existing version (which I'd like to keep for myself)?

  • I've found out that saving to "templates" creates successive version. Though this seems counter-intuitive to the suspected meaning of 'templates'. So can I get the same behaviour for the standard "concepts" folder?

I also wonder, is there any way to save successive versions noted by the auto-save..? Or (not to make my question too XY), is there some better (or at least good) approach for keeping track of the genesis of my message?

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