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I made some symlinks in MS Windows using mklink /D command. But when copy it, Windows Explorer always perform deep copy instead copying symlink itself. How can I just copy the link? I need to send these links to other users on other machine.

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The answer is as simple as that: You cannot. Instead, run the same command on the other machine.

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The symlink to a directory acts as a directory itself. So, when you copy the directory, you copy the directory.

If you had a directory with a bunch of files in it and you wanted a copy of it, but without the files in it, you'd just make a new directory with the same name. Same thing applies here, really.

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A tool answer: LinkShellExtension allows you to do this and much more. If you're working with soft/hard links in Windows at all, it's an enormously helpful tool.

In this case, you probably want to choose its 'Splice' behaviour in copying Symlinks.

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Just drag and drop the symlinks between one explorer window to their destination in another. It will move them without copy the contents.

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partially duplicate question, multiple good answers are here

the question linked above is tagged as windows-7, but it with all answers to it apply for all Windows versions since Vista.

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