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I found this free command line tool: T4eSQL from

I downloaded it but there's no example on how to use it for example with a ms access oracle database.

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try :

T4eSQL -d:"DSN=DataSourceName;UID=UsernameToDB;PW=Password" -q:"my_query"

Put your SQL statement in the "my_query" part

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Thanks didn't have time to try yet but will come back and say if it works when I will – asksuperuser Oct 31 '09 at 22:23
Hi that works with odbc entry ! – asksuperuser Nov 1 '09 at 18:24

With Version 3.52:

I have used this with good results.

t4esql -d:"DSN=DataSourcename;UID=DB_UserName;Pwd=DB_Password" -f:"Query or file name"

Note that the password parameter is Pwd vs PW and that the switch for the query statement or text file path is -f:

I used a user-based ODBC object to connect to our Server and DB.

I hope this helps as it seems I am rather late :)

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