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I'm over from stackexchange. I deleted some of my python source files for a project I was writing (ironically I deleted them trying to back them up for the first time) so no backups exist currently. I've been going through undeleting tutorials, and it seems like Foremost, Scalpel and Photorec are the main guys in town, but they're often toted as working really well on image files and zips and such.

Does Foremost or the others work on all file types or is there something that makes them only search for photos and certain types of files?

Also, I know that HDDs can theoretically never be overwritten, but can you recover files from an SSD?


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Software-based file recovery is pretty much the same between HDDs and SSDs, but note that since you've been using that computer to search for solutions online, it's possible that your browser or something else will overwrite the "deleted" files with other data, so I'd switch to another computer to do your research to prevent that from happening (hopefully it hasn't). –  Huskehn Aug 21 '13 at 20:39

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