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I a computer on my local network that I want to have accessible from any computer on the local network as well as from the internet, but I don't want it to be able to connect to other computers. I plan on giving access to this computer to an "untrusted" party, but I don't want them meandering all over my local network. Is this possible? I need windows solutions.

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You would:

  1. Get a router/switch infrastructure that supports VLANs and routing
  2. Tag the computer off to its own broadcast domain -- i.e. set the switch port to tag all incoming traffic
  3. Set your LAN up as VLAN 0 -- i.e. untagged
  4. Set the untrusted computer up on its own network - for ex
  5. Your LAN should be its own existing network -
  6. Set the router up to NAT traffic from and out to the Internet
  7. Set the router up to allow packets creating connections from (private LAN) into (untrusted LAN) but not vice versa.
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