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I have installed workgroups2 from melpa and am trying to configure my ideal workgroups. For my first work group, I wish to have 4 windows. In the first window will by an R script (code written in R) in the window next to it will be an R interpreter. In the 3rd window will be python code and likewise, the window next to it will be a python interpreter.

I created this setting in emacs:enter image description here

Next, I saved the workgroup and then proceeded to test it. I closed emacs, reopened it and loaded the workgroup. To my surprise, neither of the interpreters were loaded.

  1. How can I get both the python interpreter and R interpreter to be saved in a workgroup?
  2. Is it possible to save interpreters in workgroups?

Note that I use emacs 24.3 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Thanks for all the help!

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That's called special buffers. (Not a file or dir to restore) Right now only default shells, Magit status, Agenda (and a few other buffer types) are restored.

I'm going to dig now to write support for these interpreters.

And you can help:

  • what commands do you use to start those buffers (especially R)

We can continue discussion on Github


  1. Pushed basic support for restoring Python shell
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I have a GitHub account but I have never really used it. I created a new issue and provided the relevant information. Let me know if I am using it correctly. I am very happy to help :) – CodeKingPlusPlus Aug 27 '13 at 13:16

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