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I can't run Android on Virtualbox, i followed this tutorial: but i keep getting following error when installing (or running live) from iso:

kernel panic - not syncing: tried to kill idle task

the error is show cca 2 seconds right after the install/live option was selected

  • Android version: x86 4.3 (from here)
  • Virtual Machine settings: Linux 2.6 (not 64bit, but host pc is 64bit)
  • Host Machine: Windows 8 64bit

I have tried Androind 4.2, Linux 2.6 64bit, Linux 2.4, nothings works.


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I had the same or similar problem and found it was related to my virtualization options being disabled in my computer's BIOS. After enabling them and re-enabling the virtualization options in VirtualBox, I was able to boot it up with no problems.

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I have solved this months ago by downloading different ISO (and used whole different Android emulator in the end anyway) but thanks for answer. – kajacx Oct 11 '13 at 9:25

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