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I'm running Windows 7.

Whenever I disable the wireless adapter, the "Disable" option does not change to "enable".

Similarly, for the "Local Area Connection", when I click on "Disable", the adapter gets disabled, but the "Disable" option remains.

In summary, I am never offered the option to enable an adapter.

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1) I was able to Disable and Enable my Local Area Connection. 2) However, the behaviour of the red X was strange, even counter-intuitive. 3) Humbly suggest that you give it one more go. Try a ping or two to double-check?

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So, I did test whether I was actually connected the internet by pinging a couple of websites. When I disable the first time, I am actually disconnected from the internet. Thanks, though! – Jeremy Detrempe Nov 4 '09 at 2:41

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