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I have a client who gets spam emails addressed as her email address.


From: emailaddress@yahoo.com

To: emailaddress@yahoo.com

Subject: Penis pills, etc.

How do I deal with this junk? I changed her password to a more roubust one but that didn't stop the spam from coming in still.


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You did not mention what she is using? or the OS, or the method of mail recovery (web based, pop etc) . When the from address was fraud, we would look in the e-mail "header" or the source data or whatever it is called .In there you can usually find the "real" address and/or origins. –  Psycogeek Aug 22 '13 at 4:33

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The spammer got her address somehow and is forging the sender address. Yahoo apparently does not do well in sending these to the spam folder. i suggest that she changes email address, or even provider that is more secure and more spam-free.

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