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When I quit xmonad (Shift-Mod-Q), it kills all my running applications. This results in me losing my recent terminal history in gnome-terminal and in Chromium complaining on the next start up that it was shut down incorrectly.

How can I make xmonad quit the applications nicely?

I am running xmonad on ubuntu 12.04. I am not running it on top of gnome-session.

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Install wmctrl using your package manager.

Then use this little script to close all of your windows gracefully

for win in $(wmctrl -l | awk '{print $1}'); do

wmctrl -i -c $win


Add this to your quit keybinding before xmonad exits itself.

I tested this with firefox and when I stared it next it, started correctly like I closed the window myself.

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I ended up running XMonad on top of XFCE instead, so I don't have this problem anymore. I'm going to trust you that it works and accept this answer without testing it. – Jonatan Kallus Dec 1 '13 at 15:09
You will need to enable… in order for this to work. – Florian Mayer Apr 3 '14 at 0:26

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