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There are other similar questions, but I don't see this specific one.

In Windows 7, I am having trouble selecting a specific folder that is included in a library. Say for example that Library "Test" contains three folders: c:\test1, c:\test2, and c:\test3, and there is a file test1.txt in c:\test1. Notepad++ uses the following Save As dialog box:

Save As Dialog with Libraries

Since there are no files in test2 or test3, they are not displayed, so I can't find any way to then save the file in either of c:\test2 and c:\test3 using the library model. Is there a way to choose from the folders included in the library, without having to navigate to the folder explicitly?

Also, is there a better way to navigate to the correct folder if it is displayed, as below, than right-clicking on it or a file in it, clicking "Select file location," and then editing the filename?

Save As Dialog with Open File Location

EDIT: Hmmm... oddly enough, "Open file location" from this same dialog in SQL Server Mgt Studio 2008 R2 opens the file location in Windows File Explorer, and won't take a filename if you're in a library; it complains that it's an invalid file name. Presumably the transition to libraries is not seamless for older programs.

enter image description here

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