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Can I reference a cell in another worksheet like this?


Worksheet A
A1 Data1
A3 Data2
A5 Data3

Worksheet B (I want to copy by referencing the cells in Worksheet A)

B1 'Worksheet A'!A1
B2 'Worksheet A'!(A1+2) ~ meaning I want to copy cell 'Worksheet A'!A3
B3 'Worksheet A'!(A3+2) ~ meaning I want to copy cell 'Worksheet A'!A5 ... Note that A3 in this formula comes from the formula in B2 by skipping one row in Worksheet A.
B4 'Worksheet A'!(A5+2)

The reason for this is so that I can skip the A2 and A4 cells and be able to drag the formula in Worksheet B to extend it without the need to point manually each cell that I want to copy from Worksheet A.

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Whoa... Detailing your explanation would be good. All I can say, quickly like that, is that you can very well, when you're allowed to select your data with your mouse, click another worksheet and select data from there. The code generated should guide you. – Ariane Aug 22 '13 at 20:09

You can probably put the headers easily, but the data, you can use this for the first column:


This one for the second:


This one for the third:


If it weren't for the picture, I would have given up trying to understand you! xD

+1 for this :)

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