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I am setting up a risk ranking table and risk analysis spreadsheet in Excel 2010 The user selects from two drop down boxes (liklihood and consequence) and it gives the corrosponding result. I have this working fine. using an INDEX and MATCH statement. (from a tutorial on this site!)

What I want to do now is use some sort of conditional formatting so that the colours in the original table are transferred as well as the result in the cell itself.

The results in the cells are general text and numbers (eg 25 - catastrophic), and ech cell in the results table is coloured accordingly.



I have managed to work it all out. I have used conditional formatting with three different rules for the dirrect colours needed, using the "contains specific text" option. Its a pity that you cant use the 'icon sets' option in the same way, as I could get that work eaisly, but only with numbers. That gives you 3 colours with various ways to divide it up.

Still I have got it worked out.

Thanks reubs

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