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I am creating a bootable USB flash drive to install the OS and application on several PC.

I need to test UFD in virtual machine with VMware (or VirtualBox).

I could make a raw image of the UFD and convert it to a vmdk disk with "qemu"

qemu-img convert -O vmdk imagefile.img imagefile.vmdk

or I can use raw2vmdk.

To speed up process:

  1. Is it possible to make a raw image of the UFD based only on the actual data (used sectors)?

  2. Is it at least possible to have a direct process? That is from UFD to VMDK without passing via a raw image. But I would avoid solutions with physical UFD access which oblige me to keep my UFD plugged.

Obviously the solutions should allow the reverse, i.e. copy the virtual drive onto the UFD.

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VirtualBox with USB passthrough presents the USB device to the guest OS, from where you can use any disk tool you have available to copy the contents (at whatever level - blocks or files) to a virtual HDD of several formats VirtualBox supports.

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