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Really strange. I am able to Remote Desktop over VPN to one of the servers (, but not to another ( The servers are on the same subnet.

The funny part is that if I remote desktop to the first server, then I can do second Remote Desktop from there to the other server (the one I cannot access directly -

So there is no credentials or login issue I guess. Just something prevents the Remote Desktop over VPN to one of the servers.

Any ideas what might be? I wonder if the number 27 in the 4th octet of an IP has some special designation which conflicts with the VPN.

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What OS versions are the servers and your computer running? I've seen issues where some versions of remote desktop refuse to talk with others. – Ross Aiken Aug 23 '13 at 20:36

What is your network configuration? Are the two servers on the same subnet? If not is there a route setup in the VPN config to the server you are unable to RDP to?

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Yes, the servers are on the same subnet. Just the last octets are different. VS. I wonder if the 27 octet has some special designation?! – mitaka Aug 23 '13 at 18:12

The only people who can help you in this issue are the network support of the place with the VPN. The servers might be on separate sub-nets and they'll help you set up your routing.

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