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I'm trying to add a third monitor to my setup. I have an ASUS Z87 Deluxe motherboard with three outputs - HDMI, Display Port, and Mini-Display port. I'm pretty sure it is supposed to work. See their web site:

... however I can only get two of the three monitors working at the same time.

My mobo has an intel i7-4770 cpu. (LGA1150)

My cable hook ups are as follows: HDMI to HDMI monitor input -- Display port to HDMI Adapter then HDMI monitor input -- Mini-display port to HDMI Adapter then HDMI monitor input. --

I'm waiting on a response from the ASUS tech guys, but thought I would ask on here to see if anyone knew of something I may be missing.

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Looks like the graphics hardware in the fourth-generation i7's doesn't support three independent monitors:

Which Intel graphics and chipsets support three independent displays?

Three independent displays are only supported for these Intel® Processors when used with an Intel® 7 Series Chipset Board:

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500
Intel® Pentium® Processors 2000 series with Intel® HD Graphics
Intel® Pentium® Processors G2100 series with Intel® HD Graphics


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I'm not sure that is accurate. On this intel site:… ... it says "# of Displays Supported 3" – pStan Aug 25 '13 at 0:39

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