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I entered a command in terminal and had Mac OS lion execute it successfully. I simply would like to stop that execution and negate what I had the computer do. I have done the history -c command and the terminal history is gone but the command execution is still happening. Any suggestions? Thanks

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CtrlC is the standard "interrupt" key on – all Unix-like systems, including OS X.

However, there is no standard "undo this". Once you ran a command to do something, and it did something, it is done. How to undo it – or whether it's at all possible to undo it – depends very much on what exact command you ran.

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You likely 'backgrounded' the processes,

Type jobs to see any background processes

Type fg to resume the #1 background process

Then press ctrl + c to interrupt the process.

If all else fails, run ps aux, find the process id and send it a kill 9, or just run top

Side note: top is kind of ugly, install htop

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