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On Windows 7, launching Calculator and typing 9/8[Enter]7[Enter]6[Enter], and other similar sequences of keypresses, results in an apparently odd behaviour.

For instance 9/8[Enter]7[Enter] outputs 0.875, and 9/8[Enter]7[Enter]6[Enter] outputs 0.75.

A friend of mine noticed that p/q[Enter]r seems to give ((p/q) - floor(p/q))*r.

What's going on?

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Click view, then history, what does that tell you? – Tog Aug 24 '13 at 14:59
Ha! That explains it. Cheers. – GaragePythons Aug 24 '13 at 15:18
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As suggested by Tog, viewing the Calculator History (Ctrl-H) illuminates what's going on here.

Windows Calculator, with the History pane showing: 9/8 [Newline] 7/8 [Newline] 6/8.

Entering 9/8 sets "divide by 8" as the operation enacted on all subsequent inputted numbers. Calculator works the same way with other binary operations as well.

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