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I've installed several different versions of Git on Windows all with the same failure. I get an error "libssh2.dll is not installed on this computer...".

I looked around the installation files, and, Windows is right, it's not there. I've tried installing the ssh2.dll binaries (the only place I could find them is in a php distribution), putting them in the system directories and everything.

Does anyone know the source of / or a solution to the problem?

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That bug was fixed in 2011.

I would recommend, as an installation process, to simply unzip a portable version of msysgit.


There won't be an issue then.

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This is a good answer I guess. People like it. I cannot resolve this problem on two different computers. Maybe I am handicapped. – user1167442 Mar 13 '14 at 23:41
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I finally resolved this. I can't say exactly what the source of the problem all along has been - in other words, why it hasn't worked with various git installations, etc. Though I expect the problem was the same; it doesn't make sense that I kept installing different broken Git packages.

At any rate, what solved it is this:

I had downloaded the libssh2.dll binaries from the website, but the file that came with it was libssh2-1.dll, which went undetected by git. It didn't occur to me rename it, but that might've worked.

However, what did work was downloading the Cgminer binaries, which - as I somehow discovered - happen to contain libssh2.dll.

I then copied libssh2.dll into ..\mysisgit\bin, and git has worked perfectly since. God knows why it wasn't there; especially since this is the version of mysisgit that is packaged with cmder (thus I assume it is a recent mysisgit version).

This has driven me stupid. Notice the date of my original post.

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