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I want to buy a simple ethernet router. Every online store I try I get those that include Wi-Fi. Still I can explicitly state that I want Wi-Fi, I can't state that I only want a non-Wi-Fi router. Is there a specific name for those type of routers?

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Would this question maybe be more fit on – Andra Aug 24 '13 at 16:12
Many routers these days are hybrids that have Wi-Fi as well as ethernet ports to support wired connections. Usually you can just not enable the Wi-Fi capabilities if you don't need or want them. The price difference may not be very significant, so don't rule Wi-Fi capable ones out -- besides that, your needs could change in the future, plus it might be easier to sell if you want to get rid of it later on. – martineau Aug 24 '13 at 16:51
Cisco ASA-5505 is a small-home office firewall/router. No extras. There are plenty of firewall/routers out there that are less expensive. NetGear FVS series for example. – Fiasco Labs Aug 25 '13 at 1:14

It is simply called a "router." In this day, its hard to find a home router without wireless, as it is what people most often want.

I did my own search on and found that "wired router" gave me better results for non-wireless routers.

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I think you can just call it an Ethernet router.

This model seems to do what you want.

Thomson (also known as speedtouch) from alcatel, also had those kind of routers. I din't find the official website though.

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If you're looking on NewEgg, they have a Wired Routers section.

As for other websites, I would stick with trying to search by the term Wired Router (such as this Amazon search).

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