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My Windows 7 built in backup utility has failed. The system tells me the specified service does not exist as an installed service(0x80070424) Win 7 Ultimate x 64 RTM. Any ideas?

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The default in Windows 7 for the Windows Backup service is manual, apparently because it's only started on-demand when going through the official interface.

From the Start menu, start "Backup and Restore", then click on "Set up backup". This will start the service and then bring up a dialog where (I hope) you can do the backup. I couldn't follow this further since my Windows 7 is in a virtual machine.

If you're using another interface for the backup and want the Windows Backup service to always be available, then start Services.msc from the Start menu, double-click on the "Windows Backup" service and set its Startup type to "Automatic (Delayed start)".


Another possibility is that a registry cleanup utility has destroyed a needed registry entry.

Either rollback to a previous system restore point or get from another computer with the same level of operating system the contents of the following registry key

This thread contains the registry update file for Vista, which may work also for Windows 7.

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