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When I double-click my USB drive, which I just formated to NTFS, windows tries to run it as if there was an application in it. However, the drive is empty. I can still right-click the drive in My Computer and explore it, but I'm curious as to why the double-click does this.

When i right-click the drive, the top option in the list, in bold, says "Run or install program from your media".

Any ideas ?

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in the right click options , was there also a "open" in there somewhere? You do realise without scaring you, the pattern for a virus trying to spread using that method would be tossing a autorun in, some would attempt to get that data on the drive as soon as it is plugged in. – Psycogeek Aug 25 '13 at 9:30

It sounds like you've got hidden autorun.inf file in the root of your USB drive. You shouldn't have this file after formatting a drive (Unless this is U3 Flash drive and the autorun file is located on different partition).

Double click to open a specified file (like a .exe program or text file) is actually one of Windows autorun feature.

Worth to be noted, putting autorun.inf (and its .exe file) on abitrary inserted drive is a known replicating behavior of Autorun malware (See Wikipedia on Autorun).


I'd try making Windows Explorer to show all hidden files including "protected OS file", followed by deleting any of hidden autorun files I found.

Here's how

On any Explorer window click Organize then File and Folder Options, then switch to View tab

Make sure the the highlighted ones are set this way:

Folder Options, show hidden files

Finally see whether there are any file on the root of your USB drives. If any, delete autorun.inf and any unknown file you found. Since you said you just formatted your drive I'd assume it's safe to delete everything else.

Try to replug your drive.

(You can undo the changes in folder and options setting).

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